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About Us

Our mission is to provide a powerful and cost-effective tool for educators, administrators, mental health professionals, teachers, tutors and parents to track and improve student behavior.

School professionals lack an effective, efficient and cost-effective way to monitor the daily progress of students, especially those receiving behavioral interventions (RTI), with IEP goals or being considered for a referral into special education. Flaws with the current options are:

1) Traditional paper-based behavior charts are time-consuming to create and print; difficult to share with teachers and parents; easily lost or discarded by students; and, difficult to analyze without first re-copying the scores into another program (Excel) to generate graphs and charts.

2) Current web-based programs are either too broadly focused on school-wide issues (attendance, disciplinary referrals & grades) which makes them expensive, overreaching and difficult to execute, or free and simple (Google Docs) but lacking important features required to control and analyze student behavior.

In either case, providers are not able to gather important data to make educational decisions, which ultimately negatively impacts students. School professionals need a better solution.

The eDRC combines the simplicity and affordability of a paper chart with the efficiency and flexibility of a web-based solution. With the eDRC:

1) Providers can quickly create multiple student charts, easily share the charts with administrators, teachers and parents, and then view the results in real-time
2) Teachers can follow the same consistent behavior plan and score their students quickly and easily at anytime, without any papers
3) Parents can enjoy having easy access to review their child’s progress online, which ultimately increases effectiveness of the eDRC goals
4) Without having to carry a paper-chart around all day, students can enjoy the privacy and decreased risk of feeling exposed or stigmatized by their peers.

Finally, with the eDRC, school administrators and providers have an effective and efficient way to monitor the daily progress of more students in less time, and make important educational decisions using real-time, reliable data, regardless of the student's age or academic setting.

The eDRC was developed by Joshua Rosenthal, PsyD, the Director of Child and Adolescent Treatment at Manhattan Psychology Group, PC, a multi-disciplinary private psychology group in New York, NY. He originally created the eDRC for his own student-patients to solve the problems with paper-based behavior plans. Eventually, in 2013, he decided to share this amazing tool with outside providers and schools, and now the eDRC is used by thousands of students, teachers, providers and administrators across the United States.