Providers can sign up and test-drive the entire system with 1 free chart and full functionality at no charge.

Parents and teachers are also always free. Read more about different user types.

Billing only starts when the Provider has 2 or more active charts.

Below is our pricing structure based on the number of active Providers, not the number of charts.

  • 1-5 provider accounts $15 per provider/month
  • 6-15 provider accounts $14 per provider/month (7% savings)
  • 16-25 provider accounts $13 per provider/month (15% savings)
  • 26-39 provider accounts $12 per provider/month (25% savings)
  • 40+ provider accounts: $4750 flat fee for the entire school year


How does billing work?
When you sign up as a provider, you are asked to enter a "Billing Email" which is the person who will be responsible for handling payment. This person must be a registered Provider and can be the same person for groups of Providers at a school or within a school district. Districts can use the budget calculator above and submit a Purchase Order (see below) if they know how many providers they want to pay for. All providers can access their billing details by clicking on the "Billing" link in their account.

What is the billing period?
Billing is activated for the month for the Provider when the Provider has 2 or more charts in his/her Active Folder. Billing is calculated based on monthly usage (Number of Providers with 2 or more Active Charts X number of months X rate per Provider). To avoid being billed for months when your students are not being scored, simply move your charts from your "Active" to "Inactive" folders. You can always move them back at anytime. There are no refunds or pro-rated months.

By when do I have to pay?
Payment for the entire school year for all providers is due before Sept 1st or within 30 days of commencing usage. Billing adjustments for adding/removing Providers can be made as needed. Payment can be made at anytime with the information in your billing tab. To request a custom invoice, please email with your PO# (if applicable), school/district name and address, provider billing name, provider billing email, # of providers being paid for, and number of months being paid.

Who is billed?
Only users with a "Provider" account type who have 2 or more charts in their Active folder are considered billable. Parent and teacher account types are always free.

Is the cost per chart or per account?
Create and score as many student charts as you want! It's a flat fee per month whether your provider account has 2 or 999 charts, it's still $15 per month (or less with more Providers).

How can I pay?
Providers and schools/district can pay at anytime for current, future or past usage by clicking on the "Billing" link in the provider's account, which shows payment methods (Credit Card, Check, Direct Deposit or Venmo) and how to download invoices.

Download our W9 to submit a purchase order.

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