The eDRC is closed. Any questions, please email [email protected]

How eDRC Works

The eDRC is recommended for students of all ages and academic settings with academic, social and behavioral difficulties.

Main Features & Benefits of the eDRC:

  • Single point of contact for the Parent, Provider, Teacher and Administrator to monitor progress
  • Teachers and tutors are provided a simple and consistent way of improving students' school success
  • Completely online/digital solution so there is no paper to circulate and students feel secure that their goals are private
  • Scores are graphed or displayed visually by time of day, subject/class and goals which allows for easy tracking of progress
  • Data can be used for students in GenEd, IEP progress monitoring, RTI and special education planning
  • Students' positive behaviors at school can be reinforced with rewards at home or school to build motivation
  • Your first eDRC chart is always free! See Costs for more details.

5 Easy Steps to Getting Started:

  • Provider creates the online behavior plan with individual student goals
  • Provider gives Teachers, Parents and Administrators access to score and view the chart
  • Teachers begin to score the student based on his/her goals which automatically calculates a daily score
  • Provider monitors progress, updates the goals and collaborates with stakeholders to maintain treatment fidelity.
  • Provider uses the eDRC data and graphs to support and inform his/her clinical decisions