The eDRC is an excellent tool for parents to feel more informed about their child's academic progress. The eDRC can be used in mainstream, 504, IEP, RTI and special education. However, the eDRC can be effective even if parents do not formally participate.

Main Features for Parents:

  • Easy way to stay involved and updated on your child's progress
  • Share ideas and post comments for the team to read
  • Offer home rewards to build motivation

How the eDRC Works for Parents:

  • Login each day from any device to view your child's chart
  • Review goals in the AM and scores in the PM
  • Look at trends over time
  • Opt in/out to receive email reminders and alerts

Contact your school providers to get started today. Parents can only view their child's chart by being invited to sign up by the provider.

Please see our HELP section for any questions and tutorial videos about using the eDRC as a parent.