The eDRC website will be closing down June 30, 2020

Districts, Schools & Providers

Once you've decided that students need a Tier 2 (group) or Tier 3 (individual) positive behavior plan, the eDRC is your best option. Here's why....

  • New Features:

    • New responsive website design that works like an App
    • Improved class and goals scheduler
    • Previewing of charts into the future
    • Assigning providers to score classes
    • Printing batch comments over a date range
    • Email log tracking of reminders sent to teachers and parents
    • Help section with more video tutorials and live-chat

    Benefits of the eDRC:

    • Suitable for GenEd, 504, IEP, BEP, RTI and SpEd
    • Flexible for students of all ages and academic settings
    • Easily share data with parents, teachers and administrators
    • Offer evidence-based treatment for school difficulties
    • Increase time-management efficiency
    • Increase your caseload by managing more students at once
    • Build relationships and collaborate with teachers, tutors & parents
  • Features of the eDRC:

    • Monitor and manage unlimited behavior plans at once
    • Auto-generated behavioral goals to save time
    • Create & apply class and goals schedules to multiple students
    • Binary (Yes/No) and Likert (0,1,2,...) scoring options
    • Visual trending of progress by overall daily score, goals & classes
    • Block scheduling for different classes on different days
    • Assigning specific teachers to specific classes
    • PDF export and printing of trends
    • Teachers can view only their classes or all classes
    • Provider can verify if teachers have scored
    • Scoring reminders are sent to teachers at 9am & 2pm, M-F.
    • Reviewing reminders are sent to parents at 9am & 2pm, M-F.
    • Email alerts for when comments are posted
    • Integrated 3-level reward system
    • Integrated email and note system for easy collaboration
    • Can print blank and scored paper versions of the eDRC
    • Retroactively enter goals and scores from past paper charts

Providers can sign up today to get started!

Please see our HELP section for any questions and tutorial videos about using the eDRC as a provider.