The eDRC is closed. Any questions, please email [email protected]

Teachers, Tutors, Paras & Academic Coaches

The eDRC is a research-validated tool for students with social, behavioral and academic difficulties. It provides clear, targeted goals for the student to work towards, and provides teachers & tutors with a simple and consistent way of improving students' academic behaviors. The eDRC can be used in mainstream, 504, IEP, BEP, RTI and special education.

Main Features for Teachers:

  • Fast and easy way to score student's behavior
  • View trends of your student's progress over time
  • Email reminders to score are sent out at 9am and 2pm
  • Post comments about students for others to read

How the eDRC Works for Teachers:

  • Login each day to view each student's chart
  • Select the student or class to score
  • Only students you are assigned to will show up for scoring
  • Score anytime during the day, from your computer or handheld device