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Testimonials from Providers:

  • "The immediate graphing and trending data is my favorite feature of the eDRC. Having the data at your fingertips and being able to see it across subjects, target & overall is great. I'd normally have to go into excel to input data myself which took a lot of time and only produced basic graphs. I recently used one of the graphs in an IEP - it looked awesome and was very useful since the performance percentages are listed on it."- Robert, Emotional Support Teacher

  • "The eDRC is working well. Parents love the ease, teachers love the convenience, and the students love the privacy. Great idea and we appreciate the free trial to see how it works for everyone! Great customer service too!"- Joanna, School Psychologist

  • "I love that it saves me time and I can manage multiple charts from one location. I also love that I am saving paper, avoiding fights with the copy machine and the system will send reminders to teachers to complete the form. Another bonus is the home connection piece. It's a great program!"- Ashlee, Intervention Specialist

  • "I love the fact that e-drc is so easily adapted to fit the needs of different students. I am able to create it to match schedules of multiple grade levels as well as the different target behaviors! I also love the trending data features. It can be easily used to implement in progress reports and other reports needed for special education teachers. The fact that you can get a graph that shows each target and each subject separately is a great asset! It gives me all the data I need for my students. I also am so glad to have a program where I can make suggestions or ask questions and I get a quick response! This program is great!"- Kristin, Learning Support Teacher

  • "The parents and teachers really love this system and it has greatly improved communication between home and school. Thank you for providing this wonderful service for our students."- Kevin, School Counselor, NY

  • "Thank you so much for responding so quickly; you are always so helpful!! I really appreciate it."- Felicia, Behavior Intervention Facilitator, GA

  • "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance with my questions regarding the e-DRC. I'm sure a lot goes on behind the scenes and you've been busy helping other users. Thank you for taking the time to address my specific concerns."- Robert, Intermediate Emotional Support Teacher, PA

  • "Thank you so much, teachers are loving this, I love this system and you guys are great!!"- Debbi, School Counselor, TN

  • "This is my third computer program to use to track behavior and it is by far better than the others! I also appreciate your quick response time. You have made some very helpful changes since October as well. I feel comfortable in using the program. I carry between 40 and 50 students. I have tried to do it by hand and it's impossible to collect from teachers, calculate percentages and meet with students weekly."- Susan, School Counselor, MS

  • "I am extremely excited about eDRC. I love using it because it gives me the data that I'm looking for which is needed on their IEP's and BIP. When one of my files was audited (random audit) by North Carolina Department of Public Instruction they really liked the data that I had on the student with a behavior improvement plan."- Bobbie, Teacher, NC

  • "I LOVE using the e-DRC. It has made my job easier than ever this school year in regards to monitoring IEP goals. I have shared this program with all of our Special Education teachers at my school, the principal, and the Special Ed. liaison for our district. I will definitely be using it in the 2016-2017 school year and I hope the rest of the school is able to pick up the program and benefit from it as well."- Johnica, Teacher, KY

  • "E-DRC has been a great tool for the students in my classroom. We can actively see behavior trends in a variety of ways. This has become a powerful change agent for many students. I will continue to use e-DRC and have budgeted the cost of e-DRC into next year's budget for my classroom. I look forward to continuing to use the e-DRC with many students in the future."- Greg, Teacher, MI

  • "Thank you! We love e-DRCs and the parents love them, too. We really appreciate your service. "- Hilary, Provider, OH

  • "Thank for this! It's a great pleasure for us to hear that you like our program and find it very effective. I use this to track data for my student's behavior. I use this data for my progress monitoring each semester. I have a caseload of 15 students who are in multiply room at one time, so electronic communication with teachers and parents has been wonderful. Before this I used daily point sheets that the students had to carry from class to class. This is my 21 year of teaching and this program has made it more efficient. Getting back on track is important to the program as well as the communication for parents. Thank You." - Mitch, Special Ed Teacher, MI